Zero to Hero in Technical Writing: Making Consistent Income

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Technical writing is one of the professions that can be pursued as a side hustle, full-time, or even for just sharing your thoughts and code with the world through writing articles. Every developer should at least give it a try to write articles so that they can excel in their career. Our main focus here is writing articles as technical writers.

Here are some of the quotes regarding technical articles to start the hustle:

In this book, I have listed down methods/techniques that you can use to write technical articles. It gives guides on various aspects that involve writing an article, editing, publishing, and making money through technical writing. There is much more to look forward to in this book.

What's Inside

The book is divided into the following sub-topics to cover all topics. Here is a quick look at those topics:

  • Introduction👋                                                                        
  • Why should you write technical articles?💡                        
  • How to start your blog?🌱                                                       
  • What should you write?🤔                                                       
  • Researching the topic🔍                                                       
  • Writing style to follow🎨                                                               
  • Markdown📄                                                                                
  • Things to do before publishing the article📑                        
  • Things to do after publishing the article📢                       
  • Tools to Use⚒️                                                                                
  • Challenges of Writing Technical Articles📚                        
  • Earning money through Technical Writing💰
  • Conclusion👋

About Author

I am a full-stack developer and technical writer. He has been writing code since 11th Grade and started writing technical articles 3 years ago. He is publishing articles on and its website, I had published more than 150 articles to date.

During his journey, he was able to meet and collaborate with different people and organizations to produce quality and well-optimized blog posts.

My collaboration includes:

  • LogRocket
  • MedusaJS
  • Documatic
  • Accepted as Writer on freeCodeCamp
  • And many others

Here are some stats from my devto on a monthly basis:

All-time stats on devto:

I had published a book before with the title 50+ Awesome Tools for Web Developers. It has garnered more than 2300 sales with 4.9⭐.


Here are some of the latest reviews of the ebook.


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No, this is a personal license for individual use only.

3. Have more questions?

Send me a DM on Twitter - @surajondev

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Zero to Hero in Technical Writing: Making Consistent Income

3 ratings
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